Great progress has been made, and I am confident that I  will be able to post some screenshots real soon!

No more subversion

During the process of converting to juce, subversion started to show me it's ugly face...
Thus, all subsequent development will take place in a git repository instead, which will at least allow me more freedom and easier merging.
Once I've set up the new repository, I will post the link here again.

Making the transition

I am currently in the process of re-writing the codebase for Juce.
This means, I am completely abandoning libnui and go with Juce instead, which has more reasons than i can enumerate right now.
This transition will take some time, but in the end will lead to a better product.

Dependency changes

Some changes in library dependencies were made.
See the source code repository for details.

LivePerformer! project started and set up

This marks the official start of the LivePerformer! project.
The project is as of this moment in active development, and has it's own website (sic!) and it's project site running.
The subversion repository is already filled with the foundations needed.
Right now, I'm working on making all the information I have collected in various places available to you.
Since this might take some time, please be patient while you wait.

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